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We are always interested in meeting individuals who stand out in their fields, demonstrate excellent people skills, and have what it takes to withstand the scrutiny of opposing counsel. Once you complete your online profile, our recruiter will evaluate your credentials to ensure you meet our qualifications.

As a member of our referral network, you will benefit from iFindExpert’s aggressive marketing program. When expert requests matching your qualifications reach our system, we will release your CV and rate sheet to our inquiring party. Upon retention of our services, iFindExpert will put you in touch with the litigating attorney. iFindExpert will handle all case management functions, including invoicing, and even assist with report review. For a limited time, there is no upfront fee to our experts for becoming a part of our referral network.


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     * Wow! it took me ten minutes to sign up and 48 hours later I have my first case! Medical Expert, Colorado

     * iFE helped me through the whole process of my deposition and report. This was a great first experience for me as an expert!  Bowling Expert, Nevada

     * I have worked with quite a few expert referral companies, iFE has exceeded my expectations with their customer support, billing and professional staff.   Orthodontist, Texas

      *  When I found out about iFE's Marketing program and how they deliver boxes with gourmet treats to attorneys, I knew this company would generate more expert cases for me as an expert and that iFind is building true relationships with the Law Firms which in turn will bring me opportunities for work.  Engineer, California


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Disclaimer: If you are unable to complete your profile while signing up, you may return at your own convenience to finish the sign up process. Simply login and continue where you left off. We will send you weekly reminders letting you know how far your profile is from completion. Remember, you are not eligible to receive cases through our system until you process your membership. We look forward to working with you! Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Top Ten Reasons Expert's Love Us!

  1. Experts join iFindExpert for free!
  2. iFE has In-house Counsel to support our experts.
  3. iFE experts are in greater demand because they are vetted.
  4. Proprietary iFE Ranking System for experts, attorney's, and judges (coming in 2013).
  5. Case Management & lots of free support services, like invoicing and collections.
  6. Training; helping you become the best expert you are capable of being.
  7. iFE takes care of all your marketing and brings cases to you!
  8. You get paid 100% of the hourly rate you provided on your Rate Sheet.
  9. Option to get paid within 7 days of invoicing (Coming 2013).
  10. iFind is the newest cutting edge resource. The demand for you as an expert is higher because it's fast and easy for the attorney to make expert requests; online or by mobi-app, at their convenience, 24/7!

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