Why does iFind verify their experts?

(01/22/2013) Scott Jacobs

Why does iFind verify their experts?

It is critical to the outcome of pending litigation that the selected expert has more than a common knowledge of his expertise1.  Experts are judged by the hiring counsel, opposing counsel, judge and jury on whether their experience, education and credentials are applicable to the matter at hand.  However, if opposing counsel identifies information on the experts CV which may be miss-stated, or not accurate, then the expert’s testimony is easily discredited.  For this reason at iFind in order to systematically maintain the highest level of integrity all experts CV’s will be verified prior to submittal.  Recently an expert completed the CV verification and found that one of his previous employers would not verify his employment.  The expert was allowed to provide an explanation, that due to high level security constraints, the employer is not able to release the requested information.  Should the issue arise in court, the attorney is fully prepared with a preconceived response.  For both the attorney and expert, Information is power, and keeps an insignificant issue such as this from becoming an unnecessary stumbling block in the litigation process.


Footnote 1: http://blog.ctnews.com/meehan/2010/01/07/the-role-of-the-expert-witness-in-litigation/

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