Who can be an expert witness?

(01/09/2013) Scott Jacobs

The reality is that today's society has become specialized in every aspect of our lives.  We have specialists that consult us in the management of our money, the landscaping of our houses, and in most of our other personal affairs.  We have personal bankers, personal trainers, a lawyer on retainer, an accountant, etc.  Nearly everyone is an expert at something, but we rarely think of that experience as being valuable to anyone other than our current employer.  In reality, our expertise is not only valuable to us personally, it also has value to our communities, and society in general, if we share that expertise by participating in legal matters as an expert witness.  As a broker of expert relationships, every day I am surprised by the variety of requests for people with expertise in areas I had never considered.  We have had requests for individuals with experience or expertise in foreign culture, business, entertainment, health management, insurance, engineering, construction, jewelry, pole climbing, and many other areas.  The difficult or frightening aspect of being an expert is figuring out the legal or civil requirements.  The second problem is "being found" by the attorney who needs your expertise for a case involving that subject matter.  iFindExpert is the place experts go for support and to expand their ability to work on cases.  iFindExpert helps the expert acquire cases, then provides support in the scope of work, scheduling and deadlines, invoicing and collections, document management, and other areas of case management.  If you are interested in acting as an expert, iFindExpert can help you get started.  If you are a seasoned expert, iFindExpert provides more than a list of names to attorneys.  iFindExpert provides additional services to you, without a reduction in your fees.  Contact iFindExpert to see what we can do for you.

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I can see how important expert work is.
I can see how important expert work is and to have qualified experts!
(January 09, 2013 ~ 4:39 PM)
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